The Thrilling Race!

Suiting up for the Race

Before their first race of the day, all racers, whether novice arrive-and-drivers or seasoned M.I.K. veterans, sit together to watch the safety video and suit up in uniforms. Holding helmets ready, they wait through the final safety reminders. Racers glance about, measuring the competition, while two friends whisper in anticipation.

"These vehicles are designed for competitive adult racing. Utilize the straightaways, navigate the hair-pin turns, and race with intensity. However, these are certainly not toys- No bumping your opponents!"

Eight minutes of Formula Racing Excitement

With helmets secured and karts adjusted, each racer sits in anticipation for the green flag. With that signal the race is on. The Maine Indoor Karting track fills with the roars and squeals of our European-designed Formula karts- and the cheers of supporters. Whether participating in a corporate team-building session, birthday party, league or open-track race, patrons find speed and excitement while powering their way around the track and their opponents.

The Honda-powered engines and wet-clutch systems provide the raw power for competition. But it is only driving prowess, maintained through the challenging 1200 ft. track, that determines the winner of each heat.

Tie-Breaking Electronic Timing

As the racing progresses for 8 minutes, each kart is monitored by our computerized timing system- down to the 1000th of a second! Racers receive full print-outs of their performance, breaking down times for each lap and including overall results.

Even those races that come down to the wire can be accurately judged- but when you are speeding around our track, the competition roaring at your side, you find the thrill more important than winning!

Parental Consent

All racers under the age of 18 must have a parental consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Parental Consent Form (Text, 22 KB)

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